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Cold Metalock Repairs

Cold Metalock Repairs

Tried and tested cold Metalock repairs

Have you ever considered using a cold Metalock repair instead of replacing damaged machinery?

It's not always necessary to spend money on replacing plant machinery manufactured from cast iron or cast steel. Consider a cold repair using the Metalock repair technique instead.

Submersible pump bowl repaired using the cold Metalock repair technique

Cold Metalock Repairs on all Cracked or Broken Components

Cold Repairs on all cracked or broken components made from cast iron, cast steel or aluminium. Breakages usually occur because of overloading, accidents, equipment misuse or flaws in the casting.

The Casting Repair Process

The Metalock process is based on sound engineering principles which have been accepted for over 70 years.

  1. Holes drilled along the line of fracture, tapped and filled with studs.
  2. Holes drilled at right angles to the fracture.
  3. Holes drilled to form shape of Metalock keys.
  4. Layers of keys peened into metal-to-metal condition.

Metalock Casting Repair Diagram

  1. Using a drill jig, rows of blind holes are drilled perpendicular to the direction of the crack, each row to act as a key.
  2. The intermediate partitions are removed with pneumatic chisel.
  3. Metalock keys are driven into the opening and caulked.
  4. Holes for Metalock screws are drilled along the crack between the keys.
  5. The screws are fitted to ensure they overlap, effecting a seal along the fracture.
  6. Finally, the entire installation is caulked to ensure stability and pressure tightness.

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