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Crankcase Repair

Crankcase Repair

Crankcase Repair & Heat Treatment

The Metalock Engineering Group provides cost-effective crankcase and crankshaft repairs involving re-machining, straightening and heat treatment services for all types of large diesel engines, at sea or on land anywhere in the world.

We have highly skilled orbital machining specialists located in all of our global service centres that can respond quickly to any emergency situation involving crankshaft failure, if there is any damage caused by the failure on the structure of the engine block we also can provide specialist cold Metalock repair technicians to repair the cracked components at the same time. All repair work is covered by Lloyds Class Approval.

Entablature Damage

A conrod breaks through the crankcase means a damaged big end bearing diameter, a broken conrod, balance weight damage together with broken studs. Damage on the lower part of the liner – or worse.

Entablature damage, hole in the water jacket as well as a hole in the crankcase - all this explains the term catastrophic failure! Does it mean a new crankshaft or a new engine block? Not always - and that’s where the Metalock Engineering Group can help.

On Land, in Dock or at Sea

On land, at dockside or mid-ocean, Metalock skilled orbital machining technicians regularly help customers avoid the cost and inconvenience of back-to-workshop repairs. When every minute of downtime means lost revenue, in situ repair and maintenance services get the engine back into service as soon as possible.

  • Crankcase repair (aluminium or alloy)
  • Crankshaft repair
  • Crankshaft straightening
  • Crankshaft heat treatment
  • Crankshaft journal repair
  • Crankpin heat treatment
  • Crankshaft regrinding
  • Crankshaft machining
  • Crankshaft polishing
  • Orbital crankpin machining/regrinding
  • Main bearing machining
  • Main bearing regrinding
  • Main bearing journal polishing/superfinishing

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In the mid-Atlantic or the world’s most inhospitable continental environments, experienced Metalock engineers are probably repairing a damaged crankcase while you're reading this.