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High Level Bridge, Newcastle​ Restoration

High Level Bridge, Newcastle​ Restoration

Metalock Engineering were involved throughout the restoration of the High Level Bridge in Newcastle which carries the East Coast North/South main rail line which lasted over 3 years.​

Designed by Robert Stephenson and built between 1847 and 1849, it is the first major example of a wrought iron tied arch or bow-string girder bridge. It is a fine and long standing engineering solution to a difficult problem; the spanning of 1337 feet of river valley, including 512 feet across water.

The bridge has six river spans of 125 feet (38 m) length, sitting on masonry piers, 46 by 16 feet in section and up to 131 feet (40 m) height.

There are also four land spans on each side, of 36 feet 3 inches. The single carriageway road and pedestrian walkways occupy the lower deck of the spans, 85 feet above the high water mark, and the railway the upper deck 112 above the high-water mark. ​​The total weight of the structure is 5,000 tons.

Severe cracks that were found in some of the bridge's iron girders. ​Having assessed the bridge girders, engineers have decided to engage the services of Metalock Engineering UK Ltd to carry out the essential cold Metalock repairs.

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