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Metal Stitching

Metal Stitching

Metalocking and Metal Stitching

Metal stitching or metalocking is a simple but effective method of repairing cracks in cast metals without the need of welding.

Cold Repairs on all cracked or broken components made from cast iron, cast steel or aluminium. Breakages usually occur because of overloading, accidents, equipment misuse or flaws in the casting.

Some of the Advantages of the Metalock Process:

  • Dampens and absorbs compression stresses
  • Provides a good ‘expansion joint’ for such castings as cylinder liners, diesel heads or any vessels subject to thermal stresses
  • Distributes the tension load away from fatigue points
  • Maintains alignment and original surfaces, since lack of heat produces no distortion
  • The vast majority of repairs can be done in situ, with little or no dismantling saving time and money

A trusted Technique Used to Repair Machines and Structures

Whilst the tried, tested and unique repair system is a repetitive operation, the application is as varied as the plant and machinery for which it is designed. This extends from ship’s engines to power presses and petro chemical installations to old structures and heritage buildings.

Over 70 years ago the Metalock Engineering Group developed special tools, jigs, fixtures and materials used in this simple but ingenious repair procedure and these tools enable the successful cold repair of all types of machines and in the restoration of heritage structures.

Benefits of Metalock metal stitching include:

  • On-site in-situ metal stitching repair 24 x 7 using in house trained Metalock repair technicians.
  • Less downtime - production is up and running again
  • The procedure and process is recognized throughout the world and is Lloyds Approved Certificate No: MNDE/REP/0017/06
  • The cold repair process is far more cost effective than the purchase of new, expensive cast parts

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Cold Repairs on all cracked or broken components made from cast iron, cast steel or aluminium.