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Press Bed Regrinding

Press Bed Regrinding

Accurate Press Bed Regrinding

When your press bed requires regrinding to bring it back into specification, you don’t want to make an unplanned shutdown, with the cost and hassle, lost production and damaged reputations that go with it.

Faster Press Bed Regrinds Than Ever

Do you remember the ‘bad old days’ of manual resurfacing? How long it took, the lost production as your presses stood idle, and the challenge of achieving tight working tolerances using traditional methods?

Nowadays, when quality control indicates that presses are worn due to extensive production, it’s easy to schedule a preventative visit from our team before the condition of your press bed goes out of spec.

That’s why our in-situ machining division specialises quick and accurate press bed regrinding on your press-beds before their condition becomes critical and production suffers.

We carry out these type of repairs all over the world, in places such as China, Russia, Jordan, South Africa, France, Italy and Egypt and the UK and experience on hundreds of press refurbishments means we can regrind your press bed on site, wherever you are and produce the accurate results you require.

Our horizontal traversing grinding table can complete the work cost-effectively, bringing your press bed back into specification.

Huge Time Savings; Incredible Accuracy

We can reinstate one surface on a press bed, such as an ECH-125 or DAC 150, in around three shifts, depending on the amount of wear present. That’s quick when compared to the time the traditional manual method took to resurface the bed.

We can restore the flatness and parallelism between the lower bolster to within 0.05mm.

We support a diverse range of pressings companies making products from beverage cans to automotive components.

We can also achieve superb results when machining vertical surface on an injection moulding press using our on-site CNC-controlled milling equipment.

Supporting the Forging Industry

The global forging industry counts on us for repairs and maintenance too, World-renowned organisations such as Sheffield Forgemasters, Firth Rixson, GKN, Wyman & Gordon, Doncasters, Henry Williams, Alcoa, Thyssen-Krupp and much more rely on us to machine items such as bolsters, platens, rams, hydraulic cylinders and T slots.

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We save you time and money and protect your reputation, by getting your press beds working again as fast as possible.

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We support a diverse range of pressings companies making products from beverage cans to automotive components.