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Wärtsilä Engine Repairs

Wärtsilä Engine Repairs

Wärtsilä Diesel Engine Repairs for the Marine & Offshore industries

Onsite diesel engine repairs can be carried out by Metalock at sea, alongside or in a drydock anywhere, anytime.

Endless running times to meet the ever-increasing demands for power means that engine availability is a critical requirement, however, there are times when things don’t always go to plan and even the best-maintained engines can break down and it is always at the most inconvenient time.

Onsite Wärtsilä Diesel Engine Repairs

Cracked or broken diesel engine bedplates and entablatures are routinely repaired by Metalock, often after a catastrophic failure and returned to full-service condition Class Approved in a very short time saving the need for costly replacement.

Onsite diesel engine repair can be carried out by Metalock at sea, alongside or in a drydock or a power generation plant. Anywhere, anytime.

We work directly for companies involved with power generation from land fill gas, Industrial power generation for paper mills, factories, petrochemical plants.

We work on offshore installations (production platforms or drilling rigs) as well as all types of marine vessels. Merchant and Naval - wherever the engine is located we can get there if required.

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Find out how our experience with on-site Wärtsilä engine repairs can help save you time and money.

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With over 50 years experience in the marine & offshore industry, you can rely on Metalock with your Wärtsilä Engine repair or overhaul.