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Roller cage machining

Roller cage machining

  • Customer issue:

Our customer was facing problems with corrosion and matting at the base of the bending blocks and the cages. At the same time, he was taking steps to make his finishing area more reliable.

Our intervention is part of this process.

  • Perimeter of intervention:

Rework mill geometry:

  • Recovery of 4 surfaces of bending blocks of 1000 x 800mm
  • Resumption of 2 faces of 415 x 1200mm clades
  • Resumption of 2 cages of 1300 x 700mm
  • Machining of 4 vertical keyways 82H9 x 20mm
  • Uses of 4 horizontal keyways 164H8 x 40mm
  • Drilling and tapping of 40 M39
  • Piontages and extractions of various studs
  • Key Site Data:
    • CNC Machining Lathe:
      • Greater material removal due to engine power and stability of the machine
      • Ability to reach all surfaces with a single machine configuration
        => One reference take and one machine setup
      • Greater accuracy due to reduced set-up.
    • Material removal: 2 to 5 mm depending on the surface
    • Tolerances
      • Altimetry: +/- 0.1mm
      • Perpendicularity: +/- 0.05mm
      • Parallelism: +/- 0.05mm
    • Surface condition:
    • Machine setup via survey and geometry with the pass line as a reference.
    • Parallel machining of cages and bending blocks