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Reference: MSHSOSMME0031015-FL

MSHS Metalock Engineering, Inc. has a vacancy in Fort Lauderdale, FL for an experienced On Site Machining Engineer to support the MSHS Machine and Service workshop, and the MME On-Site Machining department worldwide.

As an On Site Crankshaft Repair Engineer for Maritime and Stationary based 2- and 4-stroke Diesel engines you are required to follow the instructions and guidance from MME Management to carry out On Site Crankshaft repair responsibilities by engineering and designing specialized On Site Machining tools to perform repair processes on your own anywhere in the world.

Work to be executed in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws including operating and maintaining and to design by engineering specialized all necessary On Site Machining equipment for jobs requested by MME customers and also to work with MSHS workshop, lathe, milling, horizontal milling and grinding machinery tools.