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Trade Marks and Credits

Trade Marks

"Metalock Engineering Group"

Metalock Engineering Group

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"Metalock Engineering UK"

Metalock Engineering UK

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"Metalock Engineering"

Metalock Engineering

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International Bureau of WIPO



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All other trademarks, company names or logos cited herein are the property of Granitor Holding AB, Midroc AB, Metalock Engineering Group, Metalock Engineering UK Limited or their respective owners. No permission is given in respect of the use of any such trademarks, Metalock Engineering Group, Metalock Engineering UK, Metalock Engineering, Metalock.

Photo and Video Credits

MOD and OGL Licenses
Some images are used under the MOD (Consent License)and the OGL (Open Government License)

Flickr Image Credits:

High Level Bridge, Newcastle

Worthing Pier, Worthing

Albert Memorial, London

Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin

Darlington Market Hall
Photograph © Copyright Steve Daniels

Kew Gardens, London

Madeira Terrace