Laser Guided Machining

Laser Guided Machining (LGM) or Self-levelling

The Metalock Engineering Group are constantly developing and improving their on-site machining capabilities, incorporating new technologies, such as laser guided machining, that work alongside other traditional machining methods.

These machining techniques can then be adapted and used on site for a huge variety of in situ machining projects in all industries. For example - FPSO Mooring Buoys and Systems, Crane Slew Ring Seatings and Hydro Turbine Sealing Faces.

Self Levelling Laser Guided Machining

We regularly use CNC machining techniques on many on site machining projects and we combine this with the latest laser tracker inspection equipment which helps us to inspect, measure, record and then machine large components accurately.

Providing Precision Laser Guided Machining Applications

Taking the concept further we can also provide precision laser guided machining applications for work on large complicated fabrications and structures within the Marine, Offshore, Power, Steel, and Mining sectors.

Utilising the Latest Engineering Techniques In situ and On site

Our global reputation for providing precision machining techniques on site around the world is well documented and our experience is second to none. The addition of our LGM has proved to be very successful in a global market. LGM - laser guided machine system, are pushing the Metalock Engineering Group to the forefront of very large on-site machining project development. These new on-site techniques allow us to machine very large fabrications quickly and accurately.

To see how Laser Guided Machining (LGM) on large-scale fabrications can help you save money and increase efficiency, get in contact with us today.

Modular Equipment

Large Range

This latest addition, the LGM, is a laser guided, self-levelling machine that allows us to accurately control the machine operations, keeping it level and flat when machining very large structures to work shop accuracy. The machine currently has a 30 metre diameter limit, but it could be extended to machine larger diameters if required.

Easy to Transport

This equipment is modular and can be stripped down and packed into one container for safe and easy transportation. Once the Laser Guided Machine arrives on site it can be built up very quickly and machining can begin in the shortest possible time.

Portable, Accurate and Fast

Benefits of Laser Guided Machining

  • Highly accurate & efficient machining in situ
  • Using the latest on-site machining equipment and techniques
  • Prolonging the life of your plant and equipment after machining
  • Save time & money
  • Global response
  • Decades of experience in the latest on-site machining developments

Metalock in Action

To see how Laser Guided Machining (LGM) on large-scale fabrications can help you save money and increase efficiency, get in contact with us today.

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