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In Line Boring - On-Site

The global Metalock Engineering Group have designed and manufactured a superb range of accurate portable inline boring equipment suitable for any on site boring project anywhere, anytime.

In Line Boring by the Metalock Engineering Group - Servicing the Worlds Industries with Specialist Engineering Skills.

Line boring takes time, particularly if you have to dismantle large items of machinery for transportation to a workshop. If you can’t remove the equipment we will bring the in-line boring equipment to your site and carry out any inline boring requirements you may have. Anything from Coupling bolt hole bores to Turbine Cylinders it’s not a problem, we can help.

By applying the skills learned over many years working on very large onsite machining projects and continuously developing specialised accurate in-line boring equipment for even the most challenging of tasks, Metalock leads the way with this special purpose, portable boring machines, and techniques for the accurate machining of plant and equipment on site.

You may have a project that’s coming up in the near future, call us to discuss how we can help you.

Line Boring for the Marine Industry

We regularly in line boring main & auxiliary engines and gearboxes, stern tubes, ’A’ brackets and rudder bores on vessels anywhere in the world. You can rely on us to provide a fast and efficient in-line boring service to all shipowners, shipbuilders and ship repair yards who wish to use our expertise in this field. We can remove large amounts of material in a short time while maintaining critical alignment and tight machining tolerances.

Other Industries

We carry out in line boring in horizontal and vertical positions such as on turbine cylinders or hydro power units. If we can secure the boring equipment we can complete the job. It’s not just in the marine and offshore industry, we carry out this type of in situ boring work in ANY industry together with all other types of onsite machining activities such as facing, grinding, milling, drilling and tapping, thread milling, orbital turning, shaft recovery for manufacturing, power, steel, mining and petrochemicals industries. We offer the same high standard of work, whoever our customer.

Also, we provide a broad range of specialist engineering services such as Metalock cold casting repairs (metal stitching), thermal spraying, advanced welding, Laser tracker alignment and 3D scanning using the latest equipment for the repair or upgrading of plant and machinery.

24 Hours a Day

We are on call 24 hours daily 7 days a week. With technicians strategically located in our service centres throughout the world, and available at short notice to travel anywhere in the world, we are geared up to provide a rapid response service to deal with emergency breakdowns 365 days of the year. All of our technicians are trained in house and they are familiar with onsite working environments and demands placed upon them to get the job done.

Regular Maintenance and Shut Down

Line boring of steel mill gearboxes, mill stand screw-down bores and crop shears are some of the activities we carry out for the international steel production industry. We realise the enormous forces, pressures and temperatures, which these machines are subjected to and we complete upgrade projects all around the world every year for steel producers and OEMs.

Assisting companies in their regular maintenance and shut down work as well as major projects form part of our daily activities. We welcome partnerships and liaise with our customers to plan, co-ordinate and execute projects on time and on budget.

Metalock in Action

Line Boring in situ, at your site saves you time and gets your machines up and running as soon as possible. Get in touch for more information on our specialist in-situ Line Boring service.

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