Pressing and Forging

Forging and Pressing Industries

Our Metalock Engineering Group has served the global pressing and forging industries for decades and have a wealth of experience in all types of press repairs: 

  • Forging Presses
  • Injection Moulding Presses
  • Drop Hammers
  • Canning Presses
  • Hydraulic Power Presses

Maximum Machinery Availability

To meet production targets, you must have maximum machinery availability. 

Production can take its toll in this type of manufacturing and slide-ways bolsters and platens can become worn, fretted and cracked, caused by vibration and the constant operation.

The removal, transportation, refurbishment, and re-installation of the press, combined with the downtime and lost production, it's just not an option.

Let the Metalock Engineering Group help you.

Find out how our experience working in the Pressing and Forging industry can help save you time and money.

Major Press Manufacturers and OEMs:

We work on all types of presses owned by many of the major manufacturers including Ball Corp, Crown, Carnaud, Minster, General Motors, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, Sheffield Forgemasters, Arconic and Doncasters.

OEMs: Clearing Schuler, Hitachi Zosen, Aida Bliss, Danley, Wilkins & Mitchell, Massey, Fagor and Cowlishaw & Walker.

Metalock has grinding machines specifically designed for the re-grinding of press lower bolster faces and if required, we can also invert the grinding machine and re-grind the upper platen face if required. In addition, we have milling equipment that can cut new or refurbish old T slots.

Typical Press Machining Repairs

In Situ machining press repairs:

  • Lower Bolster re-machining or re-grinding
  • Upper Platen re-machining or re-grinding
  • T Slot cutting (new or old)
  • Machining vertical slide ways
  • Bearing housing cylinder boring
  • Gearbox in-line boring
  • Crankshaft machining

Metalock Cold Casting Repairs:

Can be carried out on any type of cracked or broken cast iron

  • Die Sets
  • Press Frames
  • Press Beds and Crowns
  • Anvils
  • Crossheads
  • Air Cushions

Metalock in Action

Serving the Pressing and Forging Industries Worldwide

Find out how our experience working in the Pressing and Forging industries can help save you time and money.

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