On-site CNC Machining

On-site CNC Machining Service

The Metalock Engineering Group has always been at the forefront of cost-effective specialist engineering services. Now the group has developed a new on-site computer numerical control (CNC) machining equipment for on-site machining operations.

This has given us a powerful new capability to undertake more complex and intricate machining contracts anywhere in the world.

Latest CNC Equipment Used By Our Experienced Site Machining Team

With its advanced Siemens CNC control system, our latest range of CNC machining equipment is a powerful addition to the capability of our highly experienced on-site machining teams – just another example of how the Metalock Group is constantly improving its range of machining equipment and engineering services for global applications.

Fast, Efficient On-site Machining

The approach to machining has changed over the last 30 years, gone are the days when machining had to be done off-site, at a machine shop or central repair facility hundreds of miles away from the operational site. Huge plant and equipment often had to be removed and transported through some of the world’s harshest environments. Often the only option was to buy and fit new parts. It all added up to equipment downtime and unwanted expense, and it all affects the bottom line.

For years now, the Metalock group has offered fast, convenient, accurate in place machining in the remotest locations. We can achieve massive time and cost savings for customers in marine and land-based industries alike.

So whether you operate an offshore processing plant, a steel rolling mill or a fleet of bulk carriers, you can count on workshop-quality in situ repairs and upgrades whenever and wherever you need them.

Extending Plant Life

As experienced engineering professionals, you can all understand the key benefits of being able to complete complex and intricate machining work on site in a fraction of the time it used to take. What’s more, the quality of our repairs is so good that we can often extend the service life of equipment too.

All this, without having to remove the equipment from the site.

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Fast. Convenient. Accurate.

Steel Mill Stand Machining

Hohenlimburg, Germany

Siemens VAI at Hoesch Hohenlimburg

The machining of all operational surfaces of 2 Mill Stands in 8 days.

Using 4x Metalock designed CNC driven milling machines developed for Steel Mills, the main housing surfaces were machined.

5x Metalock designed conventional milling machines were used to cover the Mill Stands and other surfaces.

The equipment was operated by 20 technicians each shift. The 40 man team made up of Metalock Germany and Metalock South Africa.

The work was completed 10 hours earlier than planned. It was a very successful project and the customer was very pleased with the performance of Metalock.

The Benefits of CNC Machining

Whether you use our CNC milling service alone, or in conjunction with our precision laser tracking alignment and laser-guided machining services - as many customers do, you can look forward to the usual range of benefits:

  • Better machining accuracy than ever – and we’ll do it on site.
  • Save time and money.
  • A proven solution-focused approach around the clock.
  • Global responsiveness.
  • One convenient source for CNC milling and the other engineering services you need.
  • Decades of expertise – when we action your on-site CNC machining you know you can trust us.

Metalock in Action

If you need a reliable source of specialist engineering services including Precision On-site CNC Milling.

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