Paper Industry Repairs

Traditionally, Paper industry repairs rely on the time-consuming strip down, repair and rebuild. Our skills and expertise gained over several decades in the industry now make high quality in situ repairs a cost-effective and reliable alternative when you must save time and money – and get plant working again as fast as possible.

Processes for the Paper Industry

Here’s a selection of the work we can do for you:

Thermal Spraying of Yankee Dryers and Other Cylinders

  1. Thermal spraying of damaged edges.
  2. Partial repair including plugging of pores and damaged roll casing.
  3. In situ belt grinding and super-finishing of plain or crown rolls and drying cylinders.
  4. In situ thermal spraying of plain on crown rolls and drying cylinders followed by re-grinding to extend the working life and resistance to corrosion
  5. Cold Metalock stitching repairs on cracked cylinders
  6. Milling keyways and bearing support plinths, etc.
  7. Bearing journal recovery.
  8. Sealing of steam leakage.
  9. Machine sealing surfaces on man access doors.

Metalock in Action

Find out how our experience working in the Paper industry can help save you time and money.

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