Mechanical Manufacturing

Mechanical Manufacturing

Our workshop is equipped with the widest variety of cutting machines, which allows for flexible and professionally qualified manufacturing.

  • Repair and maintenance works
  • Production of new machine parts
  • Production of spare parts
  • Reworking of spare parts

Wide Range of Equipment

Our workshops in Norderstedt and Oberhausen are equipped with the widest variety of cutting machines, including slide-way, surface and cylindrical grinding machines, conventional as well as CNC table-type boring mills, milling and vertical turning and boring machines, turning and planing machines. This machinery allows us to manufacture components flexibly and with tremendous technical competence in line with your individual requirements.

The machines and production plants in the customer companies are often utilised to their capacity limits. In the event of damage, the procurement of replacement parts often entails a machine shutdown and hence production downtime, thus leading to reduced revenue.

The short-term, precise production of replacement parts based on samples or drawings is a very interesting alternative that is of great benefit to our customers. Of course, we are also able to remanufacture or repair components and assume the implementation of individual production sections.

See how our Mechanical Manufacturing service can save you time and money.

Remanufacture and Repair

Machines and production equipment are often utilized to their capacity limits. In the event of damage, the problem of having to acquire spare parts can arise. As an alternative solution, we can offer you the rapid manufacture of replacement parts based on samples or sketches.

Of course, we also offer the remanufacture and repair of components, as well as the realisation of manufacturing segments of any kind.


If a machine is a defect, the objective is to minimise the downtime and commence operations as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, long delivery periods for new tools or machine parts at the manufacturers run contrary to the target and stocking spare parts is seen as uneconomical due to the high costs of warehousing and capital commitment. We offer an interesting alternative: We are ready to repair or rework your defect components competently and quickly. With our well-equipped machine pool, a lot is possible for us.

We work on components with a weight of up to five tons on our convention or CNC rotary lathes. Our CNC drills can execute drill works on components weighing up to twelve tons. Our machine pool also includes a parallel planing machine and conventional lathes which can work in a length of up to seven meters.

During maintenance of modules and single-piece production, our experts work hand in hand with other departments.

Production of New Parts

Our construction department can recreate a defect component for you. Whether single components or small series – we can produce your components according to your specifications. Every detail during production is executed in cooperation with you. Our department requires a drawing or sample of the component. Based thereon, we will produce a perfectly fitting part as quickly as possible. We look forward to advising you in the list of specifics and in furnishing you with a detailed offer.

Spare Parts

It is often impossible to obtain spare parts of older models on the market, or they can only be procured as complete modules. But, you still have the option of using your tool machine when a part is a defect. In our production department, with its wide set of options, we can produce or rework a part for you, according to your drawing or sample.

Pump Refurbishment and Repairs

From small agricultural pumps to the massive equipment used in power generation, pump failure means inconvenience, cost, and delay. Fortunately, Metalock repairs get your pump working again, revitalises it for years of reliable use and protects your hard-earned reputation.

If you’re like our other pump customers around the world, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the peace of mind and cost savings that come with our industrial pump repair and overhaul service.

On site, or in our well-equipped workshops, we specialise in repairing and refurbishing the industrial pumps used for purposes such as these:

  • Land drainage and irrigation
  • Petrochemical processing
  • Power generation
  • Paper industry
  • Marine pumps

To solve the most challenging problems, we can even reverse engineer pump repairs too. This involves manufacturing and fitting new parts when original spares are hard to find or impossible to get. We can also coat the inside of pumps to suit your particular requirements and specifications. And of course, when your overhaul is complete we’ll reinstall and commission the pump.

Metalock in Action

See how our Mechanical Manufacturing service can save you time and money.

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