Petrochemical Industry Repairs and Maintenance

The world dependency on this industry is only too well known, from car fuel to plastics it plays a significant part in all our lives. The Metalock Engineering Group have a long association within the petro/chemical industry.

Our own parent company Midroc Europe actually own, operate and maintain the Preem Refinery in Sweden that refines almost all of the petrol used in Scandinavia.

Full Understanding of This Demanding Industry

We fully understand the production demands from exploration, production, and refining. Downtime and unplanned lost production can cost millions of dollars. The Metalock Engineering Group have a good and longstanding reputation for quality work in this demanding industry completed on time and on budget.

Our European offices are all working on petro/chem sites throughout the UK and mainland Europe, as well as being involved in many projects for offshore around the world. Our offices in Saudi Arabia and Dubai cover the petro/chem contracts in the Middle East.

Find out how our experience working in the Petrochemical industry can help save you time and money.

We Offer All of Our Specialist Engineering Services Within This Industry

In Place Machining
Pipe cutting and prepping, broken stud removal, flange facing, heat exchanger machining (small to very large), extruders

Metal stitching
Broken gearboxes and turbine casings, pump cases low-pressure vessels

Metrology Services
Where ever you need the correct alignment

Metal Spraying
Applying coatings for heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.

Welding Services
Pipes and vessels

Bolt Tensioning
All bolting applications

In our Swedish office we have specialist Design and Project Managers involved daily in:

  • Design and manufacture of plant and equipment
  • Installation of plant and equipment, commissioning and acceptance
  • Petro/chemical plant maintenance

You can put your trust in us, a one-stop shop for all your engineering requirements.

Cold Repair Process

Our own Metalock Cold Repair Process was developed in the oil fields in Texas in the 1920s. During that time most oil field components were manufactured from cast iron. When machinery was damaged (cracked or broken) in the field, engineers had to find a way of repairing the machinery in a very explosive environment without causing any spark or heat.

The repair must be a totally cold process but it had to be a strong repair that would outlast normal oilfield working conditions.

Metalock Cold Casting Repairs was born and we still use the same tried and tested method to this day.

Metalock in Action

Serving the Petrochemical Industry Worldwide

Find out how our experience working in the Petrochemical industry can help save you time and money.

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