Refurbished worn propeller hub

Refurbished Worn Propeller Hub

Propeller Hub Repair

Marine Propeller Hub Repair & Cavitation Damage

As an experienced marine shipping company operator, you know the effect of damaged propellers and hubs on vessel performance. At worst, there’s the cost and inconvenience of premature propeller loss and emergency repairs while your vessel stands idle with a worn shaft or propeller hub.  

Inspection and Machine Preparation

Inspection Method

Full Hub inspection to original engineering manufactures tolerances and specification.

Machine Design

Bespoke machine design and simulation to ensure the rectification is implemented without first time without delay.

Mobilisation and implementation

Thermal Spraying

Material reconditioning to bring the hub back into specification


Efficient and accurate machining works carried out within customers limited time frame.

A Wide Range of Marine Propeller Repair Work

Although we leave full propeller repair to the manufacturer, we regularly help with recovery of worn propulsion components. Here’s some of the marine propeller hub repair work that we do with in-line boring, metal spraying, orbital machining, in situ machining and other specialised techniques:

  • Cavitation damage repair
  • Propeller shaft bearing diameter repairs
  • Line boring of stern tubes
  • In line boring on A-frames
  • In situ refurbishment of worn propeller-hub bores

Whether for fixed or variable pitch propulsion, marine propeller hub repair complements our other marine and offshore engineering services. Over decades, we’ve built a reputation for helping marine operators like you around the clock and the globe.

If you’ve identified early signs of cavitation damage, we can pre-machine the worn area, metal spray to rebuild them, and then re-machine it back to its original dimension.

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