Casting Repairs

Metalock Cold Casting Repairs In Situ

Every day, around the world, someone in an industry like yours relies on our specialist cold repair techniques for cracked or broken components made of cast iron, steel or aluminium.

Why? When you need to get a business-critical plant working again as soon as possible, and only a cold repair will do, you can count on the proven Metalock process.

Cold Repair Service For Broken Metal Components

Our unique Cold Repair Process, developed in the early 1930s is based on sound engineering principles. It avoids stress problems associated with welding and maintains original alignment, which reduces the need for costly re-machining after repairs.

Advantage of Casting Repairs In Situ

Metalock customers value the advantages of our proven cold repair method. These include the following:

  • We usually do the work on site – saving you time and avoiding dismantling.
  • Maintenance of alignment and original surfaces.
  • Dampening and absorption of compression stresses.
  • Spreading of tensile strains.
  • Distribute load away from fatigue points.
  • Provide a low coefficient of expansion in relation to the repaired metal.
  • Because the repair is completely cold, it doesn’t introduce fresh stresses.

Lloyds Register Certificate


Metalock Engineering have for many years held the Lloyds Register Certificate for the repair of specified components by metal stitching using the "Metalock" and "Masterlock" processes.

Metal Stitching

Metal Stitching

Metal stitching or metalocking is a method of repairing cracks in cast metals without the need of welding.

Find out more about the Metal Stitching Repair Process

Cast Iron Repairs carried out in situ by our experienced team of engineers, reducing downtime and saving you money.

The Benefits

From cracked gearboxes to fractures in press frames or a cracked bridge parapet and structure repairs, damaged castings mean inconvenience, cost, and delay. That’s when our cold casting repairs prove their worth:

  • A swift response worldwide 24/7.
  • A proven solution-focused approach.
  • Carried out on site or in our workshops.
  • Workshop-quality on-site repairs.
  • One source for your casting repairs.
  • More than 70 years of engineering expertise means you can trust us.

Onsite Diesel Engine Repair

Onsite diesel engine repair can be carried out by Metalock at sea, alongside or in a drydock or a power generation plant. Anywhere, anytime.

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The Casting Repair Process

The Metalock process is based on sound engineering principles which have been accepted for over 70 years.

  1. Holes drilled along the line of fracture, tapped and filled with studs.
  2. Holes drilled at right angles to the fracture.
  3. Holes drilled to form shape of Metalock keys.
  4. Layers of keys peened into metal-to-metal condition.

Metalock Casting Repair Diagram

  1. Using a drill jig, rows of blind holes are drilled perpendicular to the direction of the crack, each row to act as a key.
  2. The intermediate partitions are removed with pneumatic chisel.
  3. Metalock keys are driven into the opening and caulked.
  4. Holes for Metalock screws are drilled along the crack between the keys.
  5. The screws are fitted to ensure they overlap, effecting a seal along the fracture.
  6. Finally, the entire installation is caulked to ensure stability and pressure tightness.

Metalock in Action

How can we save you time and money, and help you protect your reputation with our Casting Repair techniques?

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