Specialist On Site Naval Repairs and Maintenance

The Metalock Engineering Group have been involved in Naval Marine repairs and modification’s for many years, providing this essential in situ work on vessels while under construction, on active service or during major refit periods.

We support work on all types of naval surface vessels, submarines, and support vessels.

Typical Services Used in the Naval Industry

The following services are carried out on a regular basis on naval vessels around the world, while working directly with many international Navies and OEMs that supply machinery and equipment to those Navies. We employ skilled technicians that have all been security vetted and cleared for work on these warships.

In-situ Machining:
We can utilise all of our in-situ machining techniques when working in the Naval industry.

Cold Stitching Repairs:
Specialist Cold Metalock Stitching Repairs on cracked or broken castings in cast iron or cast steel (engine blocks) see engine repairs for more detailed information.

Metal Spraying:
Used in the recovery of upper liner landing faces on diesel engines.

Alignment services.

Orbital Machining:
Specialist Orbital Machining on rudders, prop-shaft bearing and seal diameters and diesel engine crankshaft & main bearing journal machining diameters.

Line Boring:
Specialist In-Line Boring for diesel engines, stern tubes, A frames, stabiliser bores, and rudder housings.

Find out how our experience working in the Naval industry can help save you time and money.

Milling and Facing on Naval Vessels

  • Machining Armament Seatings
  • Sonar Dome Faces
  • Gun Rings
  • Exocet Seats
  • Antenna seats
  • DLF & DHL Seats
  • PAMMS Silo Upper and Lower
  • Phalanx
  • Mass Decoy Seats
  • Auto Loader Seats
  • EOTS Seats
  • Radar Seats and Masts
  • Capstan Seats
  • Watertight Door Sealing Faces
  • Gas Turbine Engine Volute Recovery
  • Main Engine Bedplates

Metalock in Action

Serving the Naval Industry Worldwide

We carry out specialist Naval repairs and maintenance on site, saving you costs and downtime. Call now for any emergency repair requests.

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