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Marine and Offshore Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades

Metalock Engineering Group has served and supported Merchant Marine and the Offshore industry since 1946 providing specialist high quality and cost-effective repairs approved by Class that reduces costs and extends the life of major items of plant and machinery, saving millions in lost revenue throughout the industry every year.

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M/S Amorella Engine Leak Repair Video

In an exceptionally confined space, machine lower cylinder sealing surface within 0.02mm tolerance, to restore the engine from leakage, with minimal problems with debris.

Find out how our experience working in the Marine & Offshore industries can help save you time and money.

Specialist Technicians Around the World

We have specialist technicians located at our service centres around the world that are all marine/offshore trained and approved ready to respond at very short notice to any situation.

Typical specialist marine and offshore repairs:

  • Journal machining and grinding for crankpins and main bearings.
  • Line boring for engines, stern tubes and 'A' brackets.
  • Rudder bore refurbishment.
  • Optical and laser alignment.
  • Upper and lower cylinder-liner landing sleeving.
  • Coupling-hole machining.
  • Engine mounting pads.
  • NDT and hardness testing.
  • Entablature and bedplates.
  • Cylinder covers and liners.
  • Turbo casings, generators, pistons, alternators, steering gear, windlasses, and capstans.

Serving the Naval Industry Worldwide

The Metalock Engineering Group have been involved in Naval construction since 1984, including operation and maintenance on surface and sub-surface vessels.

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Serving the Marine and Offshore Industries Worldwide

Find out how our experience working in the Marine & Offshore industries can help save you time and money.

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