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The worlds ever increasing demand for power in all its forms is growing year after year. Nuclear and Fossil fuelled Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Wind Turbines, Tidal Turbines, Hydro Turbines they all have to run efficiently at maximum output to meet that demand. Maintaining these turbines and their associated plant is a big job.

The whole aim is to increase running times between planned outages and minimise potential breakdowns situations and that’s where we can help!

Achieving Optimum Machine Availability

Unplanned breakdowns cost millions of dollars every year in plant repair or replacement, downtime and lost production.

The Metalock Engineering Group offer specialist engineering services onsite to assist and maintain plant and machinery to achieve optimum machine availability. We work for all the major plant manufacturers around the world as well as the power generation companies themselves.

Find out how our experience with On-site Repairs can help save you time and money.

Helping to Keep The Lights On

We are here to help keep the lights on - from 1000MW units to small industrial units we work on them all.

Machines manufactured by General Electric, Siemens, Toshiba, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Elliott Turbo, Ansaldo, Allen Steam Turbines, Wood Group, ABB, Andritz, Voith and BBC.

Machines operated by Chevron, EDF, ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Apache, Petromasila, Nexen, SSE, Scottish Hydro, GDF Suez, Innogy, International Power, Aramco and K-Electric.

We provide assistance and support for engineers involved in turbine modifications and repairs during planned shutdowns or emergency breakdown situations anywhere in the world.

On Site Power Plant Turbine Repairs

We can provide the following essential on site turbine repair services at short notice, anytime, anywhere:

On site machining

  • Orbital machining and grinding on Turbine rotor bearing journal diameters 
  • In line boring on turbine casings, cylinders and associated seal areas for upgrades and modifications (including fir tree blade root machining)
  • Complex CNC machining on cylinders joint faces for instrumentation upgrades
  • Casing split line joint face machining (vertical and horizontal)
  • Casing fixed turbine blade tip grinding and Rotor blade tip grinding
  • Valve seat reprofiling
  • Coupling bolt hole boring
  • Any drilling and tapping, doweling or flange facing

Metal Stitching

Cold Metalock Repairs (Metal Stitching) on cracked or broken turbine cylinders, pump casings or bearing covers or any other associated cast iron or cast steel components.

Metrology Services

Gothenburg, Sweden

Wind Turbines, Worldwide

To remove the weight of a medium-sized car from a solid material by turning on lathe, while maintaining high quality standards.

Metalock has developed special machines to handle rings that weigh up to 4 tonnes and measure 2.5 metres in diameter, which are capable of turning at a cutting depth of 8mm.

Each ring is checked with ultrasound to ensure that the rings are completely free of defects.

3,000 rings per year makes it possible to build 1,500 wind turbines, which gives the world cleaner energy without emissions.

Wind Turbine Repairs Worldwide

Maximum Safety. Maximum Output.

For over 50 years we have been helping to keep plant operating at its maximum output without compromising safety. We only use people with a highly developed sense of safety awareness who have gained the appropriate approvals to carry out quality work in a safe and efficient manner as expected by international industry.

Highly-experienced Team 

Continuous examination and regular maintenance are two essential cornerstones in achieving environmentally friendly production processes. We have a highly-experienced team of engineers who work hand-in-hand with onshore and offshore operators/OEMs assisting in steam and gas turbine repairs and upgrade modifications. All our personnel is familiar with onsite working environments and demands placed upon them to achieve program.

Commitment to our Customers

We are on call 24 hours daily 7 days a week. With technicians strategically located throughout the Metalock Engineering Group who are available at short notice to travel anywhere in the world, we are organised and able to provide a rapid response service to deal with emergency breakdown situations 365 days of the year. Our turbine repairs are accomplished using the most modern equipment available and we also have a highly skilled team of engineers who work onsite to complete the work in a safe and efficient manner.

Metalock in Action

Find out how our experience with On-site Repairs can help save you time and money.

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