Shaft Recovery

Shaft Recovery In Situ Anywhere in the World

A failed bearing normally means a damaged shaft journal too. For decades the Metalock Engineering Group have saved operators all over the world time and money with cost-effective shaft recovery services anywhere in the world.

Forget the direct costs and inconvenience of stripping a complete machine, just to remove the shaft – and the lost production, expensive transport, repair costs, and reinstallation. We’ve got a proven alternative.

Cost-effective On site Shaft Replacement Services

As we’ve shown for decades, in situ shaft repairs are cost-effective, accurate, fast and help minimise expensive downtime.

Our Shaft Recovery Services

Based on accurate datum points, parent metal specifications and detailed engineering drawings, we deploy specialist orbital machining and related techniques to repair the shaft:

  • Re-machine the journal undersize, then super-finish and fit an undersized bearing.
  • Pre-machine the journal diameter, then weld or metal spray and re-machine back to the original diameter size.
  • Superfinishing (generally used when salvaging crankshafts on large marine diesel engines).
  • Pre-machine and then shrink on make-up sleeves.
  • Orbital Welding.
  • Metal Spraying.

We also repair worn bore-locations using the same techniques, using our in-situ boring equipment in combination with welding or metal spraying or sleeving.

Bringing our expertise to you, we carry out our professional Shaft Recovery Services in situ, saving you money and reducing downtime.

The Benefits

Removing a shaft and taking it to a workshop, or replacing it with a new shaft, incurs high direct and consequential costs. Our proven skills, experience and specialist equipment mean you save money and enjoy other benefits:

  • A proven solution-focused approach wherever your equipment is located.
  • Responsive 24/7 365 days global service.
  • Workshop-quality on-site repairs.
  • One reliable source for all your shaft recovery needs.
  • More than 70 years of engineering expertise – you know you can trust us to complete the most challenging shaft recovery projects on time, on budget and to workshop quality.

Metalock in Action

We save you time and money, repairing failed or damaged shafts in a fraction of the time of back-to-base repairs or shaft replacement.

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