Mobile Laser Cladding

Mobile Laser Cladding for On-Site Machining

Our state-of-the-art technology enables the targeted reconditioning of damaged or worn components of various geometries, such as flat surfaces, bores, shafts or journals – depending on individual requirements.

Mobile laser cladding:
The basis for professional repairs!

In laser powder build-up welding, the laser beam melts the workpiece surface of the damaged component locally. At the same time, metal powder is fed in via a gas flow. This procedure creates a homogeneous bond between the base material and the metal powder supplied. High-quality metal powders made of chromium, nickel, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt and niobium, among others, can be used as filler materials. By using these materials, high-quality wear-resistant and/or corrosion-resistant repairs can be achieved.

Technical advantages of the process

  • Significantly lower and precisely controlled heat input during welding results in less distortion of the workpiece to be processed and minimizes the heat-affected zone
  • Homogeneous connection with the base material and the individual welding layers
  • More precise welding via CNC control enables better control of the layer thicknesses and ensures material-saving handling of the corresponding filler materials
  • A wide range of base materials and filler materials can be welded together

Three practical application examples

1. Contact surfaces of a tool holder

The contact surfaces of a tool holder on a hot forging press have exceeded their wear limits and need to be reconditioned. After quickly programming the welding application process in a circular arc, the necessary welding beads are applied layer by layer by the welding robot:

2. Partial joint of a pivoting bearing holder

The partial joints of a pivoting bearing from a press need to be repaired. The corner coordinates of the component, including the necessary travel paths, are quickly programmed and ensure a repeatable, high-precision welding job. The jobs are welded in just a few minutes. This allows the repaired surface to be re-machined almost right away to the target dimensions.

3. Contact surfaces of bearing caps

The contact surfaces of bearing caps from a marine engine must be repaired in order to restore the seating of the bearings in the caps according to nominal values:

Using our laser cladding you benefit in several ways:

  • High-precision processing
  • Homogeneous material application
  • Minimal use of materials
  • Cost savings
  • Maximum sustainability

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