Cast Iron Repairs

Cold Cast Iron Repairs on-site

Cast iron repairs carried out using the Cold Metalock Process is widely accepted as the best method of repairing all damaged, cracked or broken cast iron components, throughout a wide range of industries in a multitude of applications.

Find out how our experience with On-site Repairs can help save you time and money.

Canal Bridge before
Canal Bridge before

Canal Bridge during the repair
Canal Bridge during the repair

Canal Bridge after the repair
Canal Bridge after the repair

Cast Iron Repairs - How It’s Done

Our cast iron repairs are carried out by peening Metalock keys into prepared apertures. The Keys are formed into a multi-dumbbell shape from special nickel alloys. Being highly ductile they can be peened into a metal-to-metal condition and become almost integral with the parent metal of the component under repair.

These Keys are manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit each individual job. The high strength of the Keys ensures the return of a high percentage of the original strength.

Process Advantages

Cold Cast iron repairs carried out by this proven method avoid the need for any heat, preventing the introduction of any additional stress or distortion, and in many instances re-machining is unnecessary. It is invaluable in emergency situations, reduces downtime and avoids the replacement of expensive castings.

In the Marine Industry alone, many millions have been saved for ship owners by reducing time lost due to breakdowns or engine failures. It has become commonplace for major items of capital plant and equipment to be saved by our prompt action following a catastrophic breakdown and for the equipment to then go on to give many more years of productive life.

Our cold casting repairs are superior to welding in the case of cast iron. To find out more about this process and other services we offer please click here to contact us.

Cast Iron Repairs - Anytime, Anywhere

In many instances, cast iron repairs can be carried out on site, eliminating the need to remove the damaged equipment from its working position for transportation to a workshop - an expensive process.

If the customer prefers, smaller and manageable items of equipment can be removed and taken to one of our workshops for repair if required.

We are on call 24 hours daily 7 days a week. With technicians strategically located throughout the group, and available at short notice to travel anywhere in the world, we are organised to provide a rapid response service to deal with emergency breakdowns 365 days of the year.

All personnel is familiar with onsite working environments and demands placed upon them to achieve program.

Our Company

Metalock Engineering is a mechanical engineering service group supplying a range of specialised services to industry worldwide. In addition to casting repairs, the group can now claim to have one of the most experienced and talented onsite machining teams in the world which is supported by our parent organisation Granitor who invest in the business to ensure that the company's capabilities and reputation are enhanced.

Metalock in Action

We carry out specialist Cold Repairs to cast iron on site, saving you costs and downtime. Contact us now for any emergency repair requests.

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