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Power Plant and Hydro Repairs

With the global power generation infrastructure having such strategic importance, even small breakdowns can have massive implications. For decades now, the Metalock Engineering Group has been helping operators and OEMs keep the lights on.

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Keeping Power Generation Plants Working Efficiently

Are you facing the challenge of recovering a damaged turbine bearing journal diameter, re-machining damaged or worn blade location slots or a damaged thrust-collar, or perhaps, you need a turbine retrofit or upgrades to increase the operating efficiency?

Whatever specialist engineering services you need, we’ve probably got a technique to save you time and money, avoiding the removal of plant and the transportation to a workshop.

Our convenient one-stop range of services, 24/7 global responsiveness and unparalleled sector expertise are the key to cost-effective repairs and modifications for strategically important power generation infrastructure.

As well as using existing techniques, we regularly develop bespoke machines and processes to address special challenges. That’s how we’ve grown and developed over nearly 70 years in business and you’re the one who benefits.

Find out how our experience working in the Power industry can help save you time and money

Rotating Plant Repairs and Maintenance - Steam Turbines and Hydro Turbines

Metalock is involved in working on a variety of rotating plant units used in power generation.

Steam Turbine, Hydro Turbine, Wind Turbine, Compressors, Feed Pumps, Marine Turbines, Industrial Turbines as well as green power from renewable waste resources such as Biomass, Cogeneration, Waste to Energy, Landfill Gas, we work on them all - large or small!

  • Line boring turbine casings.
  • Steam inlet and outlet flange machining.
  • Turbine split joint faces.
  • Casing stud removal.
  • Tip grinding in situ (rotary and fixed blades).
  • HP and LP valve machining.
  • Coupling-hole machining.
  • Turbine-rotor bearing journal machining.

Hydro Turbine Repair Video

Hydro Machining

  • Coupling-hole machining
  • Re-profiling runner
  • Guide vein pot re-boring
  • Check plate machining
  • Cover location face machining
  • Turbine alignment inspections using laser tracker
  • Shaft bearing machining

Askim, Norway

Solbergfoss Hydropower, Norway

Turbines are leaning approx 2mm. Leakage has occurred, operating efficiency down to 75%.

Insitu machining of a split ring to correct the error - with a tolerance of 0.0 - 0.1mm.

A 4 tonne Metalock designed boring/facing machine was taken down to the turbine chamber. 17 meters under water level.

The machine was set up with 0.02mm perfection using laser control.

The work was carried out on 21 days. The turbine can operate for 50 more years, The operating efficiency is now 90%.

Hydropower Turbine Repair

Metalock in Action

Serving the Power Industry Worldwide

Our convenient one-stop range of services, 24/7 global responsiveness and unparalleled sector expertise are the key to cost-effective repairs and modifications for strategically important Power Generation infrastructure.

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