Alignment Services

On Site Laser Alignment Services & Surveys

Poorly aligned plant causes excessive wear, premature plant failures, lower process efficiencies and reduced plant availability. Why jeopardise the success of your operation – when precision laser alignment is so easy to arrange?

Wherever your plant is based, around the world and around the clock, the Metalock Engineering Group is your alignment partner when you need to avoid mechanical trouble.

Plant Alignment Services In Situ

Our alignment specialists working within our Metrology Department use a wide range of alignment equipment including the latest laser tracking and 3D scanning equipment available. Working to workshop accuracy on site, we’ll help you avoid excessive component wear and extend the life of plant components.

Laser Alignment Surveys

From a single driveshaft to multiple steel rolling and finishing mills spread over large sites, our laser alignment equipment is the key to timesaving and maximum accuracy during your on-site alignment and surveys.

As well as handling conventional plant alignments, the accuracy and portability of the equipment means that our highly-skilled two-person alignment teams can survey large areas faster than ever before – then provide an accurate report of the laser alignment survey results.

Complementing Our Other Services

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll enjoy when you entrust us to align your industrial equipment. On land or at sea, in major industrial centres or remote field locations, we’re on call 24/7. Whether you use our alignment services alone or as the constant inspection control on a larger project, as a one-off or part of regular condition monitoring, they complement our other specialist engineering services perfectly.

The alignment department not only work as an independent department supplying its services to customers but it also supports all our other departments within our company.

On Site Machining contracts start with the pre-machining survey, then as a constant reference throughout the machining process, and then the final survey when the machining is completed.

Our critical in situ Precision Plant Alignment Surveys are carried out on site by an experienced specialist, using state-of-the-art equipment.

Marine & Offshore Laser Alignment

Our Optical and Laser Alignment services are among many that we offer the marine industry. Downtime costs vessel operator’s huge amounts of money. Our skills and experience are the keys to rapid response to your requirements. Whether a vessel or offshore plant is docked or at sea, our highly trained alignment specialists can travel anywhere in the world at short notice.

We’ve got decades of experience in the business and we only employ suitably qualified professionals. That’s why marine and offshore operators can trust us to deliver efficient, safe, responsive services for these important industries.

The Benefits of Laser Alignment

Problems such as vibration or excessive wear on bearings, belts and couplings can often be attributed to incorrect alignment. With the potential consequences being so serious, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the benefits of a partnership with us for your industrial alignment requirements:

  • Better plant alignment accuracy than ever.
  • Time and money saving.
  • A proven solution-focused approach, worldwide, 24/7.
  • Workshop-quality on-site alignment.
  • One source for your alignment and other engineering services.
  • More than 70 years of engineering expertise – from simple alignments to the largest project, you know you can trust us.

Metalock in Action

How will our On-site Laser Alignment and Surveying Equipment save you time and money and help protect your reputation in the world’s most challenging engineering environments?

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