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Company Profile

Metalock Maco Engineering India Pvt. Ltd, based in Kolkata is an established global mechanical equipment repair company and is part of the Midroc Group of companies and was established in September 2009. Our aim is to provide specialist mechanical engineering services to all types of industry throughout Asia.

The original Metalock company was established 1947 and in the years that have followed the company has become acknowledged as a leading specialist in mechanical repair techniques.

Services offered by Metalock India

  • On Site Machining
  • Metalock Repairs (metal stitching)
  • Shaft Recovery
  • Crankpin & Main Journal machining/regrinding
  • Alignment Services
  • Welding Service
  • Work shop machining

Offering such a broad range of services to our customers allows us to support general maintenance activities across an entire range of industry sectors including Marine, Power Generation, Hydro Power Generation, Steel Manufacture, Petrol-Chemical Manufacture, Water, Pressings and Forgings, Food and Beverage and General Manufacturing.

Using a combination of traditional maintenance skills together with mordern designs techniques have enabled all of these industries to benefit from improved equipment availability, efficiency and extended operating periods as a direct result of equipment upgraded by Metalock.