Metalock Engineering UK Limited History

The UK business was established in 1948 when the dominant service was the Metalock cold casting repair department, employing upwards of 100 cold repair site technicians at the height of the business in the 1960s and 1970s. With the decline of the manufacture of cast components from around the start of the 1980s in favour of fabricated components the UK operation was supplemented by the addition of the On Site Machining department centred at our UK head office in Coventry.

Now the dominating service is the On Site machining department which operates all around the world but we also offer advanced specialist welding, the latest Metrology/Alignment services, workshop machining, Metalock cold repairs (metal stitching) as well and overhaul and retrofit work.

Metalock Scotland opened our workshop in Glasgow in the 1970s to support the steel, marine, power and offshore industries and we have recently opened our Metalock Wales workshop in Pembroke Dock to support industry in Wales and Ireland Metalock Engineering UK Ltd offers its specialist engineering services to a wide and diverse range of industries worldwide.

We support the engineering industry in planned maintenance periods and also in emergency breakdown situations In an emergency situation - Time is the key factor, a breakdown can occur at any time and they all prove to be very costly causing expensive downtime and lost production.

These problems need to overcome quickly and cost effectively to enable the return to normal production. Our customers value our ability to react quickly in emergency situations, providing cost effective repair solutions based on sound engineering principles.

In a planned repair situations, we work closely with our valued customers from the planning stage right through to the execution on site. Ensuring that all the required work is completed within the planned shutdown window.

PLEASE NOTE: All calls to +44 2476 338205 are recorded for information and training purposes.

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