Metalock Engineering Staff

Group Director

Martyn Green Martyn Green Group Managing Director (United Kingdom)

Managing Directors

Martyn Green Martyn Green Group Managing Director (United Kingdom)
Thomas Großgarten Thomas Großgarten Managing Director (Germany)
Abdulrhman Al Ghamdi Abdulrhman Al Ghamdi Managing Director (Saudi Arabia)
Ricardo Ceronio Ricardo Ceronio Managing Director (United Arab Emirates)
Leo Eppinger Leo Eppinger Managing Director (Russia)
Simon Chabanku Simon Chabanku Managing Director (South Africa)
Jayanta Bhadra Jayanta Bhadra Managing Director (India)


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Paul Nielsen Paul Nielsen Area Manager Scotland
Sam Beer Sam Beer Metrology Project Manager
Samuel Roland Samuel Roland Préparateur - Chef de Chantier
Syed Azharul Hasan Syed Azharul Hasan Accountant General - Admin Supervisor
Thorsten Hrdina Thorsten Hrdina Machine Overhaul & Workshop Machining
Uwe Herrmann-Abert Uwe Herrmann-Abert Location Landsberg (Halle)
Yassine Bouafoud Yassine Bouafoud Directeur Administratif et Financier
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