Press surfacing

  • Customer problem: As a result of the operation of the press, the table and / or slider may have surface defects (flatness, parallelism) resulting in rejects of production, deterioration and breakage of press tools and molds.
  • Intervention area: We surface functional press faces of all sizes with great precision. The tabletting and the press slide are the most common operations in the multitude of repairs offered on presses by Metalock.
    • Definition of the machining reference.
    • Dimensional control of surfaces.
    • Line machining of successive passes of part or all of the press table and / or slider.
  • Usual abilities:
    • All dimensions, vertical and horizontal presses.
    • Flatness: 0.05mm / m; Parallelism: 0.05mm.
    • Roughness Ra = 3,2μm.

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