Steel Mill Stand Machining

  • Customer problem:
    • During regular roll change and subsequent reliability inspections it was discovered that the mill stand was not operating as it should and wear and corrosion was discovered
    • It was clear that to improve the overall operation of the mill stand it would be necessary to re-machine the mill windows and fit wear plates returning the stand back to standard operational tolerances.
  • Solution:

Rework mill geometry:

  • Machining of 4 vertical slides of 2200 x 400 mm
  • Key Site Data:
    • CNC Milling machine:
      • Greater material removal due to engine power and stability of the machine
      • Ability to reach all surfaces with a single machine configuration
      • One reference take and one machine setup
      • Greater accuracy due to fewer set-up /referrals
    • Material removal: 60mm
    • Tolerances
      • Parallelism between windows: +/- 0.08mm
    • Surface condition: Ra = 3.2μm
    • Machine setup via survey and geometry with the pass line as a reference.

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