Bore Enlargement of a Reactor in a Chemical Plant

5 tons of steel converted into metal cuttings

In August 1998, the internal diameter of an 8 m high reactor vessel was enlarged with a transportable boring device and high-performance cutting tools. Our mechanics worked in shifts – 24 hours a day.

The goal was: to achieve a final diameter of 730 mm (0/+0.35) in the reactor area, and a final diameter of 760 mm (0/+0.35) in the motor area; 35 mm of the radius needed to be bored.

Cutting tool and bore alignment equipment

This was the first time that such work was carried out on-site.

With these measures, the volume of the reactor vessel was increased by 20%. In 2000, the same work was successfully implemented in a chemical plant in the Middle East.

Machining of the conical sealing surfaces, upper and lower parts, with the help of a gauge.

Final surface quality: Ra 0.4

Drivetrain of the drilling equipment.

Sealing surfaces outside the reactor body.

Centering device in the lower area for guiding the drill shaft.

View of the machining phases.

Progression of the machining process. 

Beginning of the drilling work – the first cuttings fall to the lower part of the reactor

Removal of the metal cuttings.

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