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Following catastrophic engine failure when a con-rod breaks through the crankcase door, water jacket and liner area, does this mean a new engine block?

Crankcase Explosion

Above: Metalock repair on crankcase door - port & starboard sides

The crankshaft has suffered terrible damage due to overheating and some journals are blue and hard due to excessive heat caused by the lack of lubrication. Does this mean a new crankshaft?

The answer is NO!

Metalock UK have recently salvaged 6 main engine blocks following catastrophic failure using a combination of our emergency services. All engines have been passed by class to return to service.

Crankcase Explosion

Above: Hyundai MaN B&W 7S60MC-C crankpin damage

Crankcase Explosion

Above: During and after the machining - fully repaired crankpin