Metalock Engineering Group helped JRD seal its expansion needs with roll repairs

Spiral welding was applied to the undersized rolls and the resultant surface turned to provide a 4mm diameter increase.

JRD Mouldings

By restoring two steel roll diameters to original dimensions, Metalock Engineering Group helped JRD Mouldings expand its production facilities and broaden its range of seals for the bearing industry more cost effectively than buying a pair of new rolls.

JRD asked Metalock Engineering Group if it could increase the roll diameters by 4mm to save them the cost of buying two new rolls.

To fulfil a need for increased capacity JRD purchased a second hand rubber mill to manipulate the rubber they use to manufacture bearing seals. However, JRD found that when they needed to roll a thin sheet on the machine, they could not because the rolls did not meet. At some time during their working life the rolls had been skimmed to provide clean, smooth surfaces.

To overcome the problem JRD asked Metalock Engineering Group, if it could increase the roll diameters by 4mm to save them the cost of buying two new rolls. Metalock responded by enlarging the diameters by spiral welding and then turning to provide fully restored surfaces to the desired diameter, thus giving the machine a new lease of life.

The raw material that JRD uses to produce bearing seals is hard and needs to be softened before it can be cut into strips and blanked out. Squeezing it through the mill rollers generates heat which makes it malleable enough to facilitate working.

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