Offshore/Marine construction - 5600 Te Main reel shaft

Orbital machining of 2 very large Reel Shaft bearing journals for 2 of the largest rollerbearings ever manufactured

Offshore Fabrication/Construction

Metrology Dept / On Site machining–orbital machining.

Using the laser tracker to ensure that the bearing diameters at either side of the spool are inline and concentric following in situ machining using our orbital machining equipmen

Fixed end

Free end

The overall length of the shaft is 14500mm long.

  • FREE END 1180mm diameter x 1000 long
  • FIXED END 1800 diameter x 2700mmlong

Both ends were round and parallel and in alignment within 0.10 mm. This accuracy ensures smooth operation and minimum stress on the bearings.

Roughing out fixed end

Finishing free end

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