New Scottish Work Shop

Metalock Engineering UK Ltd (Scotland) have now relocated from our old work shop in Hamilton and completed the move to our new work shop located in Hillington Glasgow.


Metalock Engineering UK Ltd Scotland
Unit 14 Northpoint
27 Gordon Avenue
Hillington Park
G52 4TG

Office Tel: 0141 891 5323


Scotland Area Manager: +44 (0) 7974 334 262
Scotland Project Manager: +44 (0) 7966 127 454

Metalock have had a work shop in Hamilton since 1968 serving all types of industry in Scotland for casting repairs and on site machining both on and offshore.

Increased enquiries and an increased local work force

However in recent years the number of enquiries from the Scottish area has increased dramatically and the projects have become larger and more complex so a more focused approach has been required.

In response to the increased local demand we have increased our locally based work force and we now have 1 Area Manager, 2 Project Engineers, 8 in situ machining technicians, 1 Metalock casting repair technician all based from our Glasgow work shop. Scottish technicians serving Scottish industry.

We are now looking to recruit more locally based time served skilled men with heavy engineering experience to strengthen our team.

Large offshore projects and a global reach

We have recently completed a number of large offshore projects in the North Sea, we have a long established marine industry connections in ship building, and ship repair in Scotland as well as supporting vessel operators serving the offshore industry as well as the ferry operators.

We have also completed many successful projects within the Hydro Electric Power Generation sector within Scotland as well as our continued support for the local chemical and steel and manufacturing industries.

Metalock don't just work in Scotland nor indeed the UK, we are a global company based in 10 countries and employing about 350 skilled on site technicians.

Working with our Metrology department

Together with our Coventry based Metrology Department, Metalock Engineering UK Ltd (Scotland) have been surveying Dam Gate guide rails in the Highlands of Scotland using our new Faro Vantages.

Read more about our Metrology service

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