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Metalock Machines is the latest addition to the Metalock family, transforming the group from a service provider to a global product- and service provider. Leveraging from over 100 years of machining experience the company develops portable machine tools, transforming the industry by enabling user-optimized, more precise, and safer machine tools.

Metalock Machines

Metalock Machines uses the latest technologies; smart motors, digital interfaces, wireless technology as well as Cloud solutions. By enabling the user full control of feed, rotation, position and much more through a digital interface the machining process is made much safer. Modern servo motors can machine faster and more precise minimizing the time for unwanted shutdowns at the customer.

The machine portfolio is available through several distributors worldwide.

Transforming On-Site Machining Into ScienceTM.

Metalock Rental & Sales

Metalock Engineering is synonymous with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering. Our global experience has expanded our knowledge across all industries and established our position in the marketplace as the largest on-site machining engineering group in the world.

The challenges we have faced in the past have secured our future and enabled us to find the best specialist machines and equipment available in the market built to withstand the toughest global projects on site.

Metalock Machines

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Our Metalock Premium Partners offer a full portfolio of proven machines and equipment for onsite machining. We guarantee a ‘fit for purpose’ solution which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

You can now explore our range of portable machine tools and cutting-edge technology. We will very soon have extensive specialist equipment for sale or rent, providing the right tool for your repair - available quickly, and with total reliability in use.

Our rental and sales business will start in the middle of November this year!

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