Bore online

  • Customer issue: On diesel engines, engines, compressors, turbines or any other type of rotating machinery, fatigue, corrosion or friction may occur. cause damage to functional surfaces such as: crankshaft bearings, bearing seats, diaphragm housings, weathertight boxes, etc. Following the damage, gaps appear, problems of alignment or even leaks leading to production losses or even breakages.
  • Perimeter of intervention: We bore all damaged surfaces of all sizes.
  • Machine (s) used: Bore bar
  • Settings
    • Optical sight
    • Compare
    • Micrometer of depth
    • Alignment to the bore axis via comparator or micrometer on reference sound range /counterbore /parallel shaft line
  • Usual abilities:
    • All dimensions
    • concentricity; circularity & lt; 0.03mm
    • Roughness: Ra = 1.6μm

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