Hammer Crusher

New bores for a hammer crusher’s (crusher rotor‘s) hammer shafts had to be inserted to replace existing bores that had exceeded their wear limit. All work was carried out on the assembled hammer crusher. 

Setup of the boring device on a 3000 mm long bed. Boring length of 2400 mm with 8 discs. Guiding of the borer extension with a crossbar.

Pre-drilling of 120 bores with a solid drilling tool to diameters of 88 mm.

Reboring of the 88 mm diameter bores to diameters of 118 mm.

Driving of the boring shaft with a small boring device. Fastening to the housing with crossbars.

Aligned bearing channels rebored to a diameter of 130 mm. Continuous boring shaft supported on both sides.

Finished, bored bearing channels. 8 channels, each with 15 discs, 120 bores.

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