Fast attack from Metalock in-situ machines weapons seatings for naval vessels in Greece

Weapons seats on the new 62m Fast Attack Craft for the Hellenic Navy were machined in-situ by the Metalock Engineering Group at the Elefsis Shipyard in Greece. (photo courtesy VT Shipbuilding)

Elefsis Greece - machining weapons seatings

To ensure weapons’ accuracy the Metalock Engineering Group has recently in-situ machined weapon and control facility seatings true and level for three Fast Attack Craft in the Elefsis Shipyard, Greece for the Hellenic Navy.

SuperVita Fast Attack Craft

The 62m SuperVita Fast Attack Craft is the latest derivative of the very successful 56m series vessel. VT(formerly Vosper Thornycroft) Shipbuilding has provided, as a main subcontractor to Elefsis, both the preliminary and detailed design and procurement of equipment as part of a technology transfer package to Elefsis Shipbuilding, which is, as a prime contractor responsible for the construction, outfitting, harbour and sea trials for weapons and platform, delivering the vessels to HN on a turnkey base.

The Fast Attack craft, which have steel hulls and aluminium superstructures, are 61.9m long and 9.5m wide. They are capable of speeds in excess of 34 knots via four MTU 16V595 diesel engines driving four fixed pitch propellers.

In-situ machining

The vessels have an array of modern weaponry mounted on welded deck structures. The welding operation causes these base structures to distort and the Metalock Engineering Group’s brief was to in-situ machine the faces of each seating true and level to the ship’s datum point, which was established when the keel was laid. Metalock’s contract was on the basis of previous work with VTS in the UK and its ability to complete projects on time and within budget.

Using alignments from the ship’s datum the Metalock Engineering Group set up portable milling machinery and repositioned as necessary to machine 30mm port and starboard seats for the two Oto Breda 30mm guns, Exocet surface-to-surface missile forward and aft launcher ramps, Ramsys GMWS Mk31 surface-to-air missile seat, Sting Eo director seat, MW08 radar pedestal, Mirador seat, Scout and port and starboard TDS seatings.

These operations on the first three vessels will be repeated on two further vessels under construction at the Elefsis shipyard in co-operation with VTS and its wholly-owned Greek subsidiary VT Hellas SA.

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