Pump Refurbishment

Pump Refurbishment Services Onsite

Professional Pump Repairs, refurbishment, and overhaul by recognised pump specialists are some of the best investments you can make in the longevity of your industrial pumping equipment. With decades of experience behind us, we’ll save you time and money wherever your industry moves fluids.

Metalock's pump specialists are experienced in Pump Refurbishment, overhauls, and general repairs, on site and in situ.

Repairs, Refurbishment, and Overhaul by Pump Specialists

If you’re like our other pump customers around the world, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the peace of mind and cost savings that come with our industrial pump repair and overhaul service.

On site, or in our well-equipped workshops, we specialise in repairing and refurbishing the industrial pumps used for purposes such as these:

  • Land drainage and irrigation
  • Petrochemical processing
  • Power generation
  • Paper industry
  • Marine pumps

To solve the most challenging problems, we can even reverse engineer pump repairs too. This involves manufacturing and fitting new parts when original spares are hard to find or impossible to get.

We can also coat the inside of pumps to suit your particular requirements and specifications. And of course, when your overhaul is complete we’ll reinstall and commission the pump. We’ll also align it properly, using our laser alignment techniques to ensure efficient running, low component wear and longer service life.

The Benefits

From small agricultural pumps to the massive equipment used in power generation, pump failure means inconvenience, cost, and delay. Fortunately, Metalock repairs get your pump working again, revitalises it for years of reliable use and protects your hard-earned reputation:

  • A proven solution-focused approach, worldwide, 24/7.
  • Building and protecting your reputation.
  • Workshop-quality on-site repairs.
  • One source for all your pump repair.
  • Decades of engineering expertise.

Metalock in Action

Metalock's pump specialists are experienced in Pump Refurbishment, overhauls and general repairs, on site and in situ.

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